Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No Erie trip this Spring

Well, I continue to read the posts about the Spring Steelhead fishing in Erie and it really pains me that I won't be making the trip up this Spring.
I really look forward to that pilgrimage each fall and spring but won't be making this trip.
I recently injured myself playing basketball and it has really put a dent in my activities. I have a slight tear in the plantar fascia ligament on the left foot and somehow got almost the same condition (plantar fasciitis) in the right foot at the same time. I was in a walking boot for 3 weeks and began physical therapy as well. It is still quite painful at times and standing in a stream, no matter how beautiful, would just be impossible for me at this point.
So, I'll try to be good and let it heal so I can at least hit the local streams of PA for the first big hatches here.

Until next time,


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