Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hot, dry summer in PA

Well, it's been a very dry and hot summer in Central PA. All streams are dangerously low. Decent fishing still remains in some tailwaters though. I've only fished Spruce Creek and the Little Juniata so far this year but have caught decent trout on both streams. In May I caught 1 rainbow about 26" on an egg pattern and 1 brownie about 28" on an olive wooly bugger on Spruce Creek. We caught many more between 16" and 22". Most recently we fished the Little J below the town of Spruce Creek, parking at Barree and taking a beautiful hike up the gorge ("The Narrows") a little ways. No big trout but many between 10 and 14 inches. Tried different nymphs with little luck, in the end it was the green weenie that landed multiple trout.
We definitely need some rain to raise the water levels again.

Tight lines,