Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Erie Steelhead

Well, I certainly haven't been able to write as much here as I had hoped but now that the nice weather has arrived, it's so hard to spend the time at the computer.
Anyway, I was finally able to hook up with friend, John Collins, and his father-in-law and headed for Erie to do some steelhead fishing last Friday, April 1. What a gorgeous day it turned out to be. Sunny and in the lower 60's, which was a real switch from previous days. Started on Elk Creek and found ourselves on a practically empy stream. It was hard to believe. We figured the run must've ended or something. Well, within about 45 minutes, we started catching some fish. Ended up spending most of the day on Elk but did make it over to the mouth of Walnut for about an hour where John took one nice one from. Kept 3 fish between the 3 of us (which I never do because I don't care for fish). Had one filleted, had one smoked regular and one smoked cajun. They say it was awesome...I'll have to take their word for it.
Anyway, caught most fish in fast moving, shallow water and the combination of the day was a cream globug with blood dot and a bead head hare's ear nymph dropper. The egg seemed to attract them and they were nailing the nymphs. I hooked 10 and landed 4. I hope to be able to get up there once every Spring and Fall from now on. Great time and great fishing.

Tight Lines,